Kokusai Fashion Center Inc.


  • 2017.7.25

    Chinese fashion market’s seminar

    KFC held the seminar, " how Japanese brands would develop Chinese fashion market", on July 20, 2017.

    The teacher is Mr. Kosuke Sakai ( the representative of Conest co., ltd.).

    We, KFC will start to join Shanghai Fashion Week this autumn, so many our customers came and studied at this seminar.

  • 2017.6.28

    Amazon.com’s seminar

    KFC held the seminar of Amazon.com's on June 14, 2017,

    because some of our customers want to know the possibility of exporting their products to the USA "Fulfillment by Amazon."

  • 2017.6.9

    Business English (basic) class

    KFC started this term's "Business English (basic) class" on May 10.

    Some students want to study English to join the foreign exhibitions.

    Best efforts !


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