Kokusai Fashion Center Inc.



  • Company Name: Kokusai Fashion Center Inc.

    CEO: Takayuki Kubo

    Established: September 1991

    Address: 6-1 1-chome, Yokoami, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan

    Tel: 81-3-5610-5800

    Fax: 81-3-5610-5800

    E-mail: info@kfc-fashion.jp


Kokusai Fashion Center Inc. (called KFC) was established in 1991 for the purpose of supporting small and medium-size companies, manufacturers and creators (designers). Operation was started in April 2000. KFC is a so-called Third Sector Entity in which Sumida ward, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan, and local private companies invested. KFC has several missions to support small and medium-sized companies challenging for domestic and overseas markets.
Capital 6,850 million JPY Major stockholders: Sumida city, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation Japan, Marubeni, ITOCHU, TORAY, ONWARD KASHIYAMA, local companies, banks and so on. Activities: 1. Industrial support, 2. Real estate leasing, 3. Rental of hall and conference rooms. Major tenants: The Institute for the Fashion Industries (IFI Business School), Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute Sumida Branch

[Support for the exhibition]

Please see the Exhibition page for more details.

[Support for the development of domestic market]

Small and medium-sized manufacturers in East-Tokyo.

To get out of OEM by developing original brands and establishing new sales channels in the domestic market.


  • Act21(KFC's exhibition)

    Act21(KFC’s exhibition)

  • Collaboration with Ms. Aguri Sagimori

    Collaboration with Ms. Aguri Sagimori

  • Higashitokyo Makers Row

    Higashitokyo Makers Row

【Human resource development】

Business owners and employees of fashion industries and small factories.

To organize practical seminars to provide necessary information and skill enhancement.

【Seminar Themes】
E-commerce, digital marketing, men’s fashion, business English, pattern making, business foundation, etc.

  • Patternmaking


  • Chinese conversation class

    Chinese conversation class

[Support for business foundation]

Ventures of less than 5 years from its establishment which are planning to start a business in Sumida ward.

To support their start which would revitalize local industries.

Management of incubation office, called KFC Creative Studio (9 rooms), jointly operated with Sumida ward.

  • KFC Creative Studio

    KFC Creative Studio

  • Startups' meeting

    Startups’ meeting

[Gathering and Providing Information]

Public bodies, other support organizations, schools, etc.

To understand present business circumstances of small and medium-sized companies and effectively provide them necessary information.

Various meetings

  • Meeting with assosiations

    Meeting with assosiations

  • Meeting with Goverment

    Meeting with Goverment