Kokusai Fashion Center Inc.


  • 2018.12.6

    EU fashion market’s seminar 2018

    Mr. Shinya's seminar

    We, KFC opened Mr. Makoto Shinya's seminar about EU fashion market on the 29th of November.

    He had worked at Itochu fashion system co., ltd for long times, and now he is the CEO of JOGO Inc., supporting fashion marketing especially in foreign countries.

    He told us that Japanese fashion brands had better choose the exhibitions of Paris than any other areas, because Paris gathers most buyers from all over the world.

    The best choice is that they join the same exhibitions at lease three times, making Instagram's account, posting good pictures and movies against buyers, making the original atmosphere and feelings.

    Mr. Shinya emphasized that Japaneseness of Fashion brands are not traditional Japaneseness, but a sinsere attitude of craftsmanship and manufacturing, so Japanese fashion brands have some chances to collaborate with the places of production, making the original textiles.