Kokusai Fashion Center Inc.


  • 2017.1.20

    The Hong Kong Fashion Week supporting JLD

    KFC supported 9 companies of Japan Fashion Leather Designers (called JLD ), a Japanese Professional Association of companies and designers who plan, produce and sell high-end leather goods, to exhibit at the World Boutique Hong Kong. (By using the subsidy for the promotion of leather product design, granted by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry ).


    Exhibition Name: Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/ Winter

    Date: January 16th to 19th, 2017

    Location: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre


    N.I.B (men's bags)

    THOROUGH BRACE (ladies bags)

    HOKAZONO YU (leather goods)

    tense (men's bags)

    GrandeRoss1 (leather folding fans)

    SCARLET (ladies bags)

    NINOS (baby shoes)

    C&C.PH. EQUIPEMENT (leather goods)

    +RING (raingears)